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Are my funds secured in my personal account and my multi-currency current account?

The short answer is very secure, DNBC Financial Group (""DNBC"") is protected by many layers of encryption and a 24/7 fraud monitoring system, every time you sign in on our DNBCnet, you would need a two-factor authentication code along with your password to ensure only the owner has access to the account.

However, if by secure you mean if DNBC would prevent your funds from being used for other purposes then the answer is also a big yes. DNBC is complied with the Law on Payment in both the EU and the US region, which specifically stated:

  • The clients' funds are held only on special bank accounts exclusively for one purpose only, to keep funds of the clients;
  • Clients' funds are NOT to be used for the needs of the company, loans or investments;
  • Clients' funds cannot be subjected to recovery of debts of the electronic money institution.

DNBC Financial Group is the financial company with licenses of transferring money. Recently, we do not provide services for offering loans to our clients. Therefore, your money will always be safe when transferring through the DNBC system.

We also provide a multi-currency current account with extra security features to protect your hard-earned cash in many different currencies for both safe-keeping, investing and traveling.