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Is there any extra fee that would be automatically deducted by DNBC from my corporate account balance during the time of usage?

There is no extra fee associated with your corporate account during the time of usage but you would need to have a minimum amount of C€1,200 kept in your account to secure the maintenance fee for 1 year. This amount will cover all your services, including a technical hotline, merchant account support, dedicated relationship manager, payroll services and many more.

If you transfer money to another account within our DNBC Financial Group network, there would be no extra fee occurred but if you want to wire transfer to a bank account outside the network, we will charge you according to the speed of your transfer. You can check the full fees in the link below.

However, we will never charge you for checking your account online, so please check your corporate account balance frequently and let us know if any suspicious fees occur because we will never charge you any hidden fees. This is also to prevent any fraudulent activities on your account.

You can check the full details of all your fees and charges updated on our website here: https://dnbcgroup.com/en-ca/download/business-fees/