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Which situation do I need to inform DNBC Financial Group to make change to our corporate checking account?

You would need to inform us if there are any changes to the structure of the company so we can make appropriate updates to your account, this would include the following situation:

  • If your corporation change the chief executive officer (CEO) or the board of director
  • If your corporation change your company address
  • if your corporation change beneficial owners of the corporation or shareholders of the company

For the security of your corporate account, you need to inform us as soon as these changes have been officially agreed on so we can prepare the relevant document to change the representative of the company accordingly. If there are changes not related to CEO or board of directors, we can change it in the account details but if there is a CEO change, the process of changing would be a little complicated as below:

Your corporation needs to inform DNBC Financial Group of the new CEO information, we will then prepare an identification process for him/her and he/she will have to complete a brief interview with us. After the identification process, we would have all the necessary information of the new CEO in our system and we can then proceed to change the authorised person of your company account to the new officier, and remove the old one’s access to said account. This process may seem long and complicated but we only need identifiable information and a short interview with your CEO and we will get everything done for you.

We suggest that you should go through this process before the new CEO change is made official just in case there are any problems relating to this change.

Please check your corporate account after each change for any problems and notify us as soon as you encounter one so we can fix it immediately and you can continue to run your business smoothly